David Pisani

David Pisani’s photographic work can be summed up as a relentless pursuit of the sublime and the erotic.

His earliest works (c. 1980’s) already showed a deep concern with the representation of the female body, the erotic nature of places and the inevitable association to decay and death; themes which are consistently present in all his work.

He is the author of an extensive photographic essay on the city of Valletta and the red-light district of Strait Street entitled ‘Vanishing Valletta’ which in the year 2000 was included in the permanent collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. His urban reportage defies the obvious graphic nature of photography in favour of a more complex reading of emotionally charged images.

In 1998 he returned to the theme of the body with a more explicit treatment of the themes of sex, decay and death and produced a seminal body of work entitled “EVERY-BODY” developing a unique photographic process that causes the image to alter itself over time as does the human body that grows old, dies and decays.

His most recent work includes two photographic essays on the war zones in Cyprus and the city of Kyoto in Japan. He is a fanatical darkroom printer with more than 25 years experience in commercial and fine art printing.